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Volunteer Safety

MESS would like to thank all of our volunteers for keeping our community tidy from litter. As always, we encourage all of our volunteers to hold their personal safety in the highest regard. During initial volunteer sign-up or at the beginning of an event, staff will cover safety guidelines.  

In regards to Covid-19, we encourage everyone to follow the recommended government guidelines to keep healthy and stay safe while volunteering. 

  • Practice social distancing by remaining 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people.

  • Always use litter picking equipment such as tongs, litter pickers and gloves.

  • Never directly touch litter with your hands.

  • Treat all litter cautiously as if it is contaminated. Especially litter such as gloves, masks, cups or bottles, or needles.

  • Place all litter directly into a garbage bag for disposal to reduce handling & to minimize exposure.  In regards to biohazards or sharps such as broken glass, please use a rigid plastic container or a biohazard container provided by us or Fraser Health Authority.

  • If you use the Adopt-a-Block blue bag or bucket, please remember to clean or sanitize it with soap or disinfectant. This is to further reduce the risk of spread of Covid-19.  All re-usable AAB blue bags can be hung upside down to dry.

To learn more safety precautions regarding Covid-19, please read the information guidelines on BC Disease Control

Also please remember, these additional general safety rules:


  • watch out & obey traffic laws.

  • be careful of ongoing traffic.

  • wear your high visibility vest while working near roadways.

  • never cleanup dumped drywall. It could contain asbestos. Please contact us or the District of Mission Public Works department to have it cleaned up.

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