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MESS thanks you all for your support!

Recycle Your Pop Cans & Donate the money to MESS

Bottle Drive - We are collecting empty refundable bottles & cans (pop, beer, wine, water).  You can organize a bag drop-off with MESS staff or drop off your bags directly at the Return-It Bottle Depot at 7233 Park Street through their Express System.  

1. Use a clear bag for your bottles & cans and go to the Return-It bottle Depot at 7233 Park Street.  Please only put refundable containers in the bag and do not include any crushed cans.

2. Print a label at their express station using our phone number for our account (604-826-9423). 

3. The label will say our name on it and then stick it to the bag and drop off in the designated express area. 

4. The bottles will later be counted by staff and the refunded money will be credited to the MESS account.

You can learn more about the Return-It bottle depot and its express system by visiting their website:

Thank you!

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