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Mission Environmental Stewardship Society (MESS) was created to support the efforts of citizens, organizations, businesses, and government to prevent and remove littered and illegally dumped waste. 


To achieve this, MESS administers comprehensive waste diversion and anti-litter programming in beautiful Mission, British Columbia. We have been a part of the community since 1994. First formed under the Mission Environmental Society, we branched off in 1998 to form what was known as "Mission Adopt-A-Block Society". After substantial growth, and the development of several highly successful education and research based programs, we expanded into the Mission Environmental Stewardship Society in 2017.

Under the direction of a dedicated board of directors, we have grown into a multi-faceted organization that encourages citizens of Mission to participate in a pro-active approach to keeping Mission clean and a healthier place to live. Community members join forces to eradicate litter, removing it from streams, roads, trails, and parks to prevent its entry into the Fraser River; a direct route to the ocean. 


  • To promote and support waste free and landfill diversion initiatives;

  • To increase community awareness of and participation in litter control efforts in Mission's streets, parks, trails, and streams;

  • To promote wildlife safety and support watercourse and riparian zone enhancement through good waste practices;

  • To provide education and volunteer experience for students in areas related to environmental sciences and waste management;

  • To promote community engagement through environment-oriented partnerships among volunteer groups, community organizations, government, teaching institutions, and businesses.


  • Environmental education and community outreach

  • Reducing and preventing littering and illegal dumping

  • Environmental and community stewardship

  • Mapping and data collection

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