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Kindergarten to Grade 6 Students

Our program, the  School Litter Challenge has been designed to teach students about the negative impact of litter on our environment  & to wildlife. Students will learn:

1. The basics of litter

 2. Why it matters

3.  Potential solutions

After learning about litter, the kids will participate in a hands on cleanup activity. You can try it out as a class with a guided litter audit activity, or commit your whole school.

Elementary Schools

Grade 7-12 Students

Students learn more detail about the damage caused by litter to our environment & wildlife. Current environmental issues such as plastic pollution, the ocean garbage patches, microplastics, litter related soil or water contamination are discussed more in depth.

After learning about litter, a group cleanup of the school or local park  is completed.  

Students then continue to brainstorm solutions to reduce litter being found.  This program is ideal for leadership students &  envrionmental studies. Afterwards, students are invited to to gain volunteer hours and experience in our YES club.

Middle & High Schools
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