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Youth Environmental Stewardship

(YES Club)

Learning Objectives:


  • How litter and illegal dumping negatively affects the environment and wildlife.

  • Litter prevention & waste management concepts such as the 4 Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), soil contamination, and plastic pollution.

  • How to safely remove litter.

  • Where litter should go (Landfill, Compost, Recycling).

  • Create & implement unique solutions to reducing litter on their school grounds or in their neighbourhood.

  • Exemplary youth will be allowed to attend our board meetings as a junior board member and work in the office to help them gain work experience in the non-profit sector.  Certain conditions must be met prior to being made a Junior Board Member.

Participating Teens will receive:

  • A club kit including a notebook, information guide, and cleaning equipment such as litter pickers and a bucket.

  • Mentorship by MESSociety staff.

  • Leadership & environmental work experience in the non-profit sector.

  • Certificate declaring their volunteer hours to meet their high school requirements or to go on to post secondary education.

  • Exemplary youth may also receive a letter of reference from MESSociety staff to help them gain future employment.

Think Global and Act Local!

For Mission Middle School & High School students from13-18 years old.
Are you looking to make a positive difference in your community? Or looking for volunteer hours for high school graduation?  


If you’re interested in meeting new people and making a positive impact on your community and the environment, then join Mission’s Youth Environmental Stewardship Club! This group is dedicated to promote environmental leadership amongst Mission youth. It is designed to help teenagers be actively apart of the solution, not the pollution, while they gain valuable work skills through volunteering and mentorship.

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