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This program includes a classroom presentation & activity led by MESSociety staff.  Students will learn how to identify litter, how to safety handle it, and how to sort it into waste, recyclable, and compostables. We adapt the learning outcomes according to the age or grade of the students. The School Litter Challenge is an on-going program that allows students to ensure that their school grounds are kept litter-free throughout the year.

Main learning outcomes:

  • How litter is created

  • Negative impacts on environment & wildlife

  • Where litter should go (trash, compost or recycling)

  • How to safely remove litter

  • Solutions to prevent litter including the 4 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Actively be apart of the solution, not the pollution.

Schools Will Receive:

  • Clean-up kits which include buckets, tongs or litter pickers,  tarp (for sorting), and activity work  sheets to record the litter they pick up

  • Information session for staff

  • A full classroom presentation by MESSociety to help initiate the cleanup

  • Ongoing support throughout the school year as requested

Mission Environmental Stewardship Society’s School Litter Challenge invites schools to adopt their schoolyards & work together in reducing school yard litter. 


The primary goal of this program is to teach children the negative impact of litter on the environment & to actively be apart of the solution. 

On average, a classroom cleanup of the playground will find over 500 pieces of litter during a class session. This provides a great opportunity for students to learn about litter, how it was created, and its potential harm. Students actively take part in being apart of the solution, not the pollution. 

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