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24th AGM Highlights Continued Growth of the Mission-based, Anti-litter Non-profit, MESS

As we close another successful program year, we welcome the start of a new one with new goals, a new location, and new board members. MESS (formerly Mission Adopt-a-Block), has made tremendous strides over the years and endeavours to continue working hard alongside volunteers to tackle the issues of littering and illegal dumping in Mission, BC.


Since the introduction of new programs throughout 2016 and 2017, MESS has seen a surge in volunteer participation. Volunteer contributions rose to over 45 000 hours for the year; with a goal of over 50 000 hours for 2018. New opportunities for businesses, and more flexible opportunities for non-profit fundraisers, should encourage even higher engagement in anti-littering efforts in Mission.

MESS was joined by 24 volunteers, board members, DOM staff members, and city counselors for an overview of 2017 and discussion of goals for 2018. The following figures were presented by MESS Executive Director, Sophie Thomas, during her presentation at the AGM: